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Planting & Deadheading


To make your garden stand out from the rest, time and care need to be taken to ensure the right plants are growing in your soil and they are maintained to promote growth in their peak growing months. Our gardeners are experts at helping you find plants that are perfect for your outdoor area and will flourish in your garden.

Benefits of hiring Climbing Wild for your gardens planting and deadheading:

  • Experienced planters who know where plants will thrive
  • Have the services done at the right time
  • Promote growth in your garden
  • We have experience in both domestic and commercial gardens
  • Can advise on future gardening plans you may have
  • Job done correctly, first time around






Whether it be vibrant evergreens or colourful flowers, our planting experts are ready to give your garden the boost it needs. However, we don’t just throw plants in carelessly, our gardeners help advise you on plants that will do well in your soil.

We have seen nearly every soil type there is, from soils packed with clay to loosely bound soil containing a lot of sand and grit. This allows us to be able to work with you to find a plant that is perfect for your soil type and in some cases, we could look to improve your soil so you can get the plants you really want and desire.




The art of deadheading consists of removing flowers that are past their prime so that the plant can focus its energy on preparing for the next bloom.

Deadheading is vital to the longevity of flowers and is highly recommended in order to help maintain the plant’s overall performance.

The main reason for deadheading a flower is to encourage a potential second bloom. By removing the ‘dead heads’ off of the flowers, the plant can focus its energy into producing flowers, rather than into the development of next year’s seeds.