Garden Walls

Your garden is a place for refuge and relaxation. That’s why having a garden wall to enclose you from the outside world is ever-growing in popularity. Our landscapers are experienced in the installation and building of garden walls.


Garden wall installation

Our garden wall services include.

  • Retaining Walls
  • Raised Planters/Beds
  • Driveway Walls
  • Front Garden Walls
  • Front Wall & Paving
  • Brick Fencing
  • Concrete Block Planters


How to build a garden wall

  1. Have a plan of attack – any landscaper worth their salt is proficient in planning, marking, and calculating what materials are needed for the job.
  2. Build a strong foundation – we measure the area of the garden wall in the first step, so we now we dig out the trenches and lay a solid foundation. We often do this by placing timber pegs at regular intervals along its centre. We then lay the concrete and tamp it down.
  3. Lay your bricks – this is the fun part of building your garden wall. Our landscapers build your garden wall to the highest quality
  4. Finishing touches – we ensure the highest quality garden walls. We go over the wall with a fine-tooth comb making sure to trowel away all excess cement


Garden Wall Materials

We only use the highest quality materials when installing a garden wall or raised planters.

The landscapers at Climbing Wild work with you to make sure the finished product fits your home and garden. We look at things like what your house is built with and your budget to ensure you have a garden wall that suits you.

We use materials such as brick, natural stone, sandstone, country stone,  semi-dry stone, and dry stone effect to give an array of finishes sure to please.


Garden Wall Repair

Our landscaping specialists are experts at garden wall repair. For each job, we look at the best possible solution for you and give you a no-nonsense quote to repair your garden wall.

If you would like one of the team to come and give you a quote, you can email us at or fill in the enquiry form on this page.