Bringing you the best

Lawn Mowing


Our lawn mowing professionals have got this down to an art.

From small domestic houses to football fields and gardens, the Climbing Wild lawn mowing service is sure to impress. Not only are we the most reliable team going around, but we also go the extra mile when cutting your lawn. We know the exact height to cut your lawn to ensure there is optimal growth to make your lawn thrive.


Lawn Aftercare


With a lot of choice on the market for lawn feed, our gardeners have the inside scoop on what works and what doesn’t.

The inside scoop comes from years of experience using different lawn feed on different grass types. We utilise only the best products and tools to make sure your lawn aftercare is up to our high standards


Benefits of professional lawn mowing


There are many benefits to having your lawn mown by our gardening professionals.

If you want to keep your lawn looking sharp, it needs to be cut right. Things like how much lawn to leave, the frequency you cut due to the year, edging, and having a lawnmower that is regularly serviced are commonly disregarded when maintaining your lawn on your own.

When hiring a professional to look after your lawn, you can be assured that the job is a done correctly, avoiding accidental damage and promoting your lawn growth in the future