Expert Turf Laying

Turf Laying

To lay turf properly, there needs to be adequate preparation in order to ensure that your lawn is how you dreamed it to be.

Typical preparation:

  • Soil Cultivation
  • Digging Soil
  • Leveling the soil
  • Spreading topsoil
  • Pre-turfing Fertiliser


Why consider turfing?

Sometimes to get your lawn the standard you want it, it is easier and more time-effective to start afresh and turf. Problems like moss taking over your existing lawn, is a common factor for considering turfing but other problems such as irreparable damage due to overuse and inadequate weed control can also occur.



The importance of good turf

The importance of having quality turf cannot be understated. Imaging laying turf and then in a couple of weeks it is flooded with weeds, or not taking to the surface properly because low-quality turf was laid.

There are a couple of things to look out for when it comes to getting good quality turf. For example, always try and get turf that has been freshly cut. The longer your turf is rolled up, the quality tends to disappear.