How to Make Your Garden Better

Ideas to make your garden better

You don’t need to be an experienced gardener to make your garden that little bit better than it already is. Here are a couple of tips and ideas to help make your garden stand out this summer.


Improve your soil

There are many different ways you can improve your soil from using nutrient-rich compost to planting plants that help pull nitrogen from the air which helps increase the fertility of your soils.


Plant the right plants

When planting plants to help improve your soil, try planting deep rooting plants that help promote healthy soil structure, prevent soil compaction, and help bring nutrients to the top of the soil for other plants to thrive.

Also, growing your own vegetables and plants helps recycle nutrients back into your soil – and has the added benefit of being an eco-friendly way of sourcing your food.


Using Compost

Compost can give your soil a huge boost of nutrients and is essential to maintain healthy soil. Compost is organic matter that is the breakdown of plants and/or animal products (such as manure). Whether you are growing your own compost (recommended) or buying from a local resource, adding compost to your garden is a sure-fire way to boost the quality of your soil.


Add flowers and other pollinators

Planting plants not only has the beautiful effect you may see when flowers are in bloom. Having pollinators in your garden has multiple benefits such as bringing insects to your garden that can help promote the growth of other plants, especially fruits and vegetables as they need to be pollinated to produce their fruits.


Define your lawn

Giving your lawn shape by defining the edges where the lawn meets your garden bed or other surfaces not only makes your garden easier to maintain in the long run but also looks fantastic.


Create height in your garden

This is quite often an underlooked aspect of having a lovely garden. Having plants or structures (such as raised bedding) that differ in height can have that wow factor if done correctly. A main benefit of adding height to your garden is you can draw people into different focal points sure to impress.


Need help in your garden?

If you love the sound of having a nice garden and need help to improve it to the standard you want – feel free to contact the team at Climbing Wild Gardeners and we can speak about how we can help make your garden better