How can a pergola improve your garden?



Having a pergola installed in your garden not only adds height and structure to the space but also extends your living area, giving you an area to entertain your guests or relax.

Homeowners are increasingly looking to improve their own abodes, both inside and out, and pergola installations have skyrocketed over the last few years due to their versatility and stunning visual appearance.


Enhancing your outdoor entertainment area

Enhancing your outdoor entertainment area can be achieved in various ways including installing a pergola, outdoor kitchen, decking area, or even a hot tub.

With home entertainment looking like it is going to be here to stay, a pergola is a perfect way to add a little bit of comfort to your outdoor living area. Here are some of the benefits of having a pergola installed in your garden for entertaining your guests.


1. Providing shade on hot days

Having a pergola installed gives you the option of having a shade cover in your garden. There are various types of shade covers on the market, including retractable shade covers to give you full control.


2. Perfect for outdoor light installation

Create a well-lit area for you and your guests to sit back and relax or create the perfect mood lighting.


3. Keeping you dry

By having a covered space outside you can confidently plan your outdoor events knowing you and your guests will remain dry – even if it rains!


4. Added privacy

Pergolas add that little bit of privacy when entertaining guests. Although pergolas are an open structures, there are ways you can close off the sides such as retractable screens


Adding structure to your garden with a pergola

One of the most coveted things about having a great garden is adding height and structure. There are many ways you can add structure to your garden, such as installing a garden wall, adding a trellis to your fences, or adding raised beds. However, by installing a pergola you can create a stunning, multi-purpose, focal point to your outdoor area.

When hiring a landscaper to install a pergola in your garden you have the added benefit of being able to design a pergola that truly fits your garden.


Bespoke pergolas vs pre-designed


Pre designed pergolas

It is possible to purchase a pergola as a pre-designed kit. A benefit to having a pre-designed pergola is they are usually cheaper than their custom alternatives and can be erected at a much faster rate due to no planning or prepping of materials needed. However, even though there are various kits on the market, they may not truly fit the space available in your garden.


Bespoke/custom pergolas

Having a pergola that seamlessly integrates into your outside space not only gives you and your landscaper the freedom to design a pergola that visually suits you but it also enables you to effectively make use of the space available.

Although a custom pergola may be more expensive than having one pre-designed, homeowners often justify the extra expense as it allows them to have an outdoor area that is fully designed for their garden.


Growing plants up your pergola

By giving height to your garden, you add space to grow plants such as ivy or wisteria. These naturally climbing plants enhance the green spaces in your garden while also offering beautiful flowers in the spring/summer seasons.

Another benefit of growing plants up your pergola is they can give an additional layer of privacy when entertaining or relaxing.


Pergola installation costs

The costs of having a pergola installed in your garden varies from installation to installation. Factors such as the amount and type of materials used, landscaping work needed for preparation,  land area, and accessories can all influence the end cost.

To get a free quote for your pergola installation, reach out to the team at Climbing Wild Gardeners and we’ll be able to provide you with a free no-obligation quote for the work.


Pergola installation specialists

A pergola is a great way to enhance your outdoor living area and create a garden area that is simply stunning. The team at Climbing Wild have specialist landscapers who are efficient, reliable, and extremely well priced. For more information about our pergola installation service, you can contact us here.